Being able to open our eyes in the morning and watch the sunrise, or sip that first drop of coffee, or even better sniff our kids while they are sleeping, are all signs of blessings. We all know that the year 2020 has its own fair share of drama and catastrophic events, yet we should not lose faith and hope. Every morning when we open our eyes, we should remind ourselves that we are alive and we are still living in this beautiful world.

At times, living our lives fully sounds utopic and out of reach given the current situations, but this is what makes us unique. We love paradoxes and complexities and we enjoy juggling between them. In fact, the hard and uncertain moments make us enjoy the calm and stability, the ugliness we experience daily allows us to detect the beauty around us, and the existence of mean-spirited people is the reason why   we keep looking for kindness and spreading it.

Nothing should stop us from doing our best to succeed and from being thankful for what we have! So let’s wake up every morning and make a list of the things we are thankful for and I am sure they are numerous. Let’s be thankful for our families, friends, for the food on our table, and for the roof over our heads. Let’s also be thankful for our health, and for our jobs.   Not only this habit does make us realize how blessed we are but it also fills us with contentment, gratification, serenity.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! Or may be we should say Happy Turkey Day !