Do you think sports is for my child?  A parent recently asked.

Is it for everyone?  It is not a luxury for the few but a necessity for everyone.  Sports can keep us healthy, put us in a good mood and give us a chance to meet other like-minded individuals.  People with disabilities who have determination and strong will are no different.  They can and should do sports to keep healthy and socialize with others.  Case in point: ADAPTIVE sports have enabled Bahraini athletic champs such as Nassar Ali Alwazah, Fatimah and Ruba Alomari to fully participate in sports while employing their wheelchair.  Others such as the Egyptian Champ Ibrahim Hamato can even hold the racket using their mouth to send and receive the ball.

All you have to do is to believe in the power of sports to change lives.  Believe in your child and enroll them in a meaningful sports class in Bocci, fencing, cycling, and volleyball at Gain today!