Patience is one of the greatest virtues I learned from teaching students with learning difficulties. I have always thought of myself as an impatient person. I am too passionate about things to happen. I cannot wait nor can I handle letting go for things to unfold before my eyes. This is why I always end up with burnt cakes, I set the heat too high to speed up the process.
Nevertheless, life is the best teacher and advocate for change. I have been blessed with a beautiful teaching experience that altered the way I see life and views about myself. These students taught me how to be more grounded and trust the process. I learned that practicing patience is no different from practicing gratitude. When you allow others or things to just “be” without force, without judgements, without rushing the other person to outgrow themselves, it communicates “I am grateful for who you are and what you are becoming”. I am certain that this virtue is a gateway to success and a rewarding life. It is an exercise on how to be your best self and because of that refined self you gradually influence others to become the same. Most importantly, patience is a piece of cake that is deliciously fruitful and sweet.