As parents we need to think of activities and programs that will keep our children curious, focused, excited, creative, and enthusiastic.  We need to think of ways to keep our kids occupied and protected from the negative influence of COVID 19 such as: stress, anxiety, and isolation.  We at Gain Contact Bahrain have put together an enriching educational summer program where your kids will tap into the knowledge of teachers, coaches, and artists from all over the world. The program will help develop their academic growth, enhance their mental flexibility, and build their resilience.
In addition to its innovative language programs, Gain Contact is pleased to provide a suite of virtual classes that will be sure to appeal to your child’s special interest and passion. Feel free to browse the four programs offered during Summer 2020 and find the right fit for your child.

Your Children’s Education is OUR PRIORITY !


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Summer Language Programs

Did you know there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world? Learning a new language makes you more cultivated, more tolerant and smarter. Join us for an educational language journey this at Gain Contact.

Our fun and enriching language programs promote the love for the target language and culture through engaging themes and fun activities.  For Summer 2020, we will be offering French, Italian and Spanish language programs including:

Our Bonjour Les Amis™ camp program promotes love for the French language through cultural themes that focus on the French diaspora in Europe, Africa, Europe, Canada, West Indies and Louisiana.

Our Ciao Amici™ camp program promotes love for the Italian language through cultural themes that focus on target subcultures including the Italian constituency of Argentina & Chile, Northern and Central Italy, Southern Italy and parts of Switzerland.

Our Hola Amigos™ camp program promotes love for the Spanish language through cultural themes that focus on target subcultures including the Caribbean, South America, Spain and the U.S. Hispanic culture.

Two Options to choose from :

INTENSIVE 2-week Language Learning Program

An experiential program for those who want to immerse their child in the target language

Choose 2, 4 or 6 week sessions:      June 22 – July 2         I     July 6 – 16        I         July 20 – 30

Classes meet for 2 hours daily four times per week

Price: 100 BHD


IMMERSIVE 7-week Language Learning Program

An immersive program for those who want to immerse their child in the target language but at a lower intensity

June 11 – July 30

Classes meet for an hour, twice a week

Price: 150 BHD

Language days and times will be determined in advance based on availability. All times will be coordinated with registered families for days / times that work for everyone


Tease Our Brains

Tease Our Brains  A good challenge motivates us to try harder, think smarter and believe in our abilities. Brain Teasers Sessions are designed around carefully selected games to develop participants’ executive functions and teach them in a safe-competitive environment while inspiring sportsmanship. The theme of the games range from academic to trivia. It blends learning with enjoyment that helps children feel motivated and intrigued.

Online Meetings are held twice a week with Ms. Amina & Ms. Mahfoodha

Price : 100 BHD


Kids Read

Kids Read  Reading is an essential skill needed to navigate the world in many fruitful ways. This allows you to target a wider range of goals. Not only does it improve the readers’ literacy skills, but it also provides them with an excellent base to be critical thinkers. With carefully designed reading comprehension questions and activities, participants are encouraged to present their ideas, use advanced reasoning skills and provide evidence to support their positions. Kids will not only read, but they will also learn how to be interactive learners.

Online Meetings are held once a week with Dr.Sirine Mabrouk

Price : 50 BHD


Sports “A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Brain”

Sports  “A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Brain”

Move It  Every child has the right to enjoy the fun of playing sports and engaging in some form of team activity.  Participating in sports promotes better emotional and psychological health by instilling a sense of self-confidence along with an improved skill in relationship building through working as part of a team.  Regular and organized physical activity can also improve overall fitness, support weight control and healthy bone density, as well as improve gross motor skills.

Stronger Bonds  This program is designed to help parents build stronger relationships and develop harmony and involvement with their kids through fun exercises and activities with our talented coach.

Get The Rhythm  Dancing is an art. The floor is my canvas. And I am the brush. And whatever I create comes from the heart.”

Let’s dance like no one is watching. This program is a space for kids to blossom and free their spirits through performing choreographies.

Classes are held twice a week with Coach Zeina

Price : 150 BHD

Scribble Scrabble

Scribble Scrabble                                                                        

Art is shown to support emotional, cognitive, and social development in children. It may help to promote wellness by helping the children manage stress, enhance memory, and improve communication. Let’s give our children some art supplies and see the wonder.

Classes are held once a week with Ms. Noof

Price 100 BHD

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