LIFE Skills 

LIFE is a social skills program that helps children learn how to Live Independently and Function Effectively.  It allows them to successfully navigate personal emotions, and significantly improve their academic standing. Our program builds on the following skills: Personal and Social, Daily Living, Problem Solving, Occupational, and Academic Skills.

It is a comprehensive program where children learn a wide range of age-appropriate core skills through participating in an interactive approach using videos, games, role plays, and group discussions. LIFE Skills curriculum not only helps children assimilate the acquired skills in their repertoire but it also helps them transfer the skills to situations they may face in their daily lives.  The lesson plans focus on Emotional/Social  Skills (acquiring  self-esteem, manage different emotions etc.), Daily Living  Skills ( managing budgets, taking care of personal hygiene, etc.), Problem Solving Skills  (setting goals, finding alternatives, etc.), Communication Skills (enhancing conversational skills, building and maintaining friendships, etc.), Occupational Skills (dressing appropriately, applying for jobs, etc.), and Academic Skills  (time management , organizing environment, etc.)

Life Skills was designed by professionals and experts in the field that fully understand the needs of the students as well as the needs of  their Life Skills instructors, thus we created four different versions of this program:

Life Skills for Schools: As we were creating our program, we kept in mind the hurdles that most instructors face when planning for their lessons, therefore for teachers we provided lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, slides scripts, as well as activities. 


Life Skills for Parents: We understand that not all parents find teaching a fun activity, so for our parents in addition to the PowerPoint presentations, we included audios that explain the slides as well as activities.

Social Group Sessions: These sessions are small group sessions delivered by Gain Life Skills Educator and offered at our learning centre. Students learn and practice appropriate social behaviours and ways of communicating in a variety of social settings.

Live Sessions: These are one-on- one sessions. They are delivered either at our learning centre or online with our Life Skills Educator. Our dedicated team provide each student with guidance and instruction customized to help them reach their academic and social goals. 

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