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GainVille Learning Center provides an Adult Language Program that focuses on teaching individuals the languages of the globe. Today, in order to succeed in an increasingly global world and strengthen our civic culture, we must improve our ability to communicate effectively. If U.S. companies of all sizes are to succeed in the global market, they must hire employees with knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, as well as who gain overseas experience to become effective global leaders. This becomes self-evident if you keep in mind that the number of students learning English in China exceeds the population of the entire United States.

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Our Adult Language Program provides Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin, French, Italian, Russian, German, and Spanish language instruction.  We keep our class sizes small (4-10 students) to enhance classroom interaction and optimize the overall learning experience.  Our instructors are native speakers who provide language training through varied immersion methods: Group ClassesPrivate Tutoring and Conversational Hour sessions.

Our Group Classes are highly interactive and actively engage young people and adults in meaningful, motivating, and challenging ways; all taught in real-life contexts.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tiered levels.  Placement Levels I, II, III following assessment.

8-week sessions.  Meet once a week for 2 hours
10-week sessions.  Meet once a week for 90 minutes

Private Tutoring sessions are tailored to an individual’s language needs and goals.  Instructors work one-on-one with each student to customize a language training program, based on usage type (business or leisure), area of interest, profession, target geographic market while factoring in frequency and desired length of training engagement.

Bundled package hours available; customized to meet student’s busy schedule

Conversational Hour sessions take place in an informal setting at our GainVille Café and provide a great opportunity to practice speaking at ease in a casual environment.  Basic language skills required.  Can be used stand-alone or as supplement to a formal language program.

Bundled package hours available; customized to meet student’s busy schedule.