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STC Bahrain

STC Bahrain is a fully owned subsidiary of the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) and launched its commercial services in March 2010 with the aim of transforming the telecommunications landscape in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Backed by unrivalled experience, knowledge and vision, VIVA has experienced phenomenal growth in its six years of operations and continues to perform exceptionally well.

Previously known as Viva Bahrain, STC Bahrain was the new brand adopted in December 2019.  Since entering Bahrain’s telecom market, STC Bahrain has become the market leader. STC Bahrain has also positively impacted the telecommunications market by changing the way it does business and has been at the forefront of innovation by launching the latest high-tech devices first, along with having introduced a comprehensive Wholesale and Enterprise portfolio with national and international services. Through its HSPA+ network upgrade in 2011, STC Bahrain became the first operator in Bahrain to provide speeds of up to 42 Mbps to its broadband subscribers and to test successfully and showcase its 4G/LTE network in early 2012, officially launching 4G/LTE services to customers in January 2014.

Hawar International School

Hawar International School was established in 2001 and had less than seventy-five students. We started with kindergarten through to the third grade of elementary school. Today we have a population of nearly 1000 students with our first graduating cohort from high school in the academic year of 2010.

The location of the school was selected to establish the school through studying the development of the region and where a lack of distinctive educational services or where educational services were limited by what was offered from the public schools. The goal was to offer this unique service to integrate our education system in which the country’s government ensures to provide integrated educational services in all parts of the Kingdom.

Ibn Khuldoon National School

IKNS opened its doors to students on the 22nd of September 1983.  It all started as a dream for Bahraini parents who sought an academic institution that would be bi-lingual and coeducational, would meet high international educational standards and would cater for the needs of Bahraini and Arab children.

Private education available until that time had been conducted by a number of foreign schools which provided a high level of education, with Arabic taught as an optional subject and with no particular emphasis on Islamic studies. Government schools, on the other hand, did have Arabic as the medium of education but they did not provide the standard of education that these parents wanted for their children.

Alia National School

Alia’s curriculum is a developmental-based program concerned with the development of the whole child, emphasizing social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth. At Alia, the teachers carefully plan open-ended and child-directed activities and emphasis is placed on the value of play, learning environments and developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Our philosophy is that children learn through active and child-initiated play, through direct contact with concrete objects, through repeated positive experiences, and most of all, they learn through interactions with people who are important to them.

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