“Let your hopes not your hurts shape your future” Robert. H. Schuller

This year has its big share of challenges and for long time will be engraved in our memories. Yet, despite the challenges we faced in the year 2020, we remain hopeful. Hopeful that this pandemic comes to an end, hopeful that our kids go back to school and enjoy the company of their peers and feel the care and love of their teachers, hopeful that businesses reopen and people rejoin their jobs.

Studies have shown that hope is correlated with many positive outcomes such as happiness, academic achievement, and lower death risks. We need hope to get us through tough times and be able to reach our short and long – term goals.

At Gain Contact Bahrain we do our best to fill your lives and the lives of your little ones with hopes, love, knowledge, and positive energy. Do you want to know how we successfully accomplish this mission? Here are some of the programs that allow us to realize our students’ goals

  • If you hope for better academic achievement for your kid check out our K-12, GainDay, and Gain Literacy programs.
  • If social intelligence is your main goal, our LIFE SKILLS curriculum is the best fit for you.
  • Our Art, Speech, Occupational, and Recreational Therapies as well as our Counseling Services revive the hope of enhancing your children’s speech, their fine and gross motor skills, their imagination, and creativity.


Our Gain Contact Family wishes you and your loved ones a very happy new year full of hopes, achievement, and positivity !


Happy Holidays Everyone !