COVID -19 hit almost every country, affected each and every one of us, and reminded us how small our world is. Who could have imagined that a virus in a farm market in Wuhan, China could reach people in Peru, Ghana, Sweden, Australia, and many more countries? Despite the sorrow that this virus brought with it, it helped us shift our perspectives in many fields such as: marketing, medicine, management, and education.
In fact, we have always thought that learning only happens in classrooms with teachers delivering information. We held his belief that without face to face interaction, learning is unlikely to happen. The new world’s circumstances have shown us that humans are amazing problem-solvers and that they have the mental flexibility to think of different alternatives and solutions to any challenge we face. During COVID 19 time, many schools have transitioned to online teaching and it seems that most schools were doing well and that students have shown mastery and ownership of virtual learning. Schools and educational centers have reported that students are attending classroom meetings, doing homework, submitting projects and quizzes, and even taking exams online. This situation has showed us that everything can be done online if the service is delivered by experts in the field.
All of us were hoping that by the beginning of the summer, this nightmare would be over and that people would go back to their normal lives: planning their vacations and their summer programs with their little ones, but unfortunately it seems that our travels and vacations will have to wait for now. The question that is haunting most of us as parents is : What are we going to do with our kids during the summer?
As parents we need to think of activities and programs that will keep our children curious, focused, excited, creative, and enthusiastic. We need to think of ways to keep our kids occupied and protect them from the negative influence of COVID 19 such as: stress, anxiety, and isolation? We at Gain Contact Bahrain have put together an enriching summer program where your kids will tap into the knowledge of teachers, coaches, and artists from all over the world. The program will help develop their academic growth, enhance their mental flexibility, and build their resilience.
In addition to our language programs, Gain Contact is pleased to provide a range of virtual classes that will be sure to appeal to your child’s special interest and passion. Your kids will definitely be a good fit in one of these programs:
1) Scribble Scrubble: These art classes where kids meet online with our talented art instructor will allow them to explore their feelings using paint, brushes and colors.
2) Move it, strong bonds, and get the rhythm: Our sport classes will make your kids get the negative energy out of their mind and body. It is a space where kids have fun, reconnect with their parents, and free their minds
3) Kids Read and Tease Our Brains : If you are looking to build your kids critical thinking, executive functions, and resilience, these programs are the perfect match for your goals.
You and your kids will have access to a variety of activities that you will not miss traveling during the summer!