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Professional Development

These workshops may be offered on-site and are planned around the specific school’s staff training needs. They may also be offered off-site at our learning Center with a focus on important topics in the field of special education. They cater to the general public as well as to teachers referred by the different schools in Bahrain.


Effective Teacher Competencies
This workshop aims at providing beginning teachers with an understanding of basic teacher competencies that will help give them an experience of success as novice teachers. Through presentation and group exercises, this seminar helps beginning teachers understand:
 The mission and purpose of education
 Bloom’s taxonomy
 The importance of teacher’s role
 The goals of teacher training programs
 The meaning of effective teaching
 Teacher’s role in influencing effective teaching
 School and community influences
 Barriers to effective teaching
 Desirable teaching behaviors
 Competencies of effective teaching
 Professional competencies of teachers
 Components of effective communication
 Types of communication style
 Classroom environment
 Effective discipline in the classroom
 Effective questioning

Training the Trainers
This workshop is intended for beginning trainers who have demonstrated an interest and skill in teaching others. It also provides training for those responsible for developing certain skills in other individuals. This training program focuses on teaching trainers how to plan the program, captivate the audience, and master presentation skills. It helps the participants step by step learn the various training skills that need to be demonstrated in a training seminar through using presentations, individual exercises, and group activities. This seminar helps the participants:
 State at least fifteen items that need to be taken into consideration when planning a training program.
 Differentiate between aims and objectives in a training program.
 Recall the needs of adult trainees that are different from those of a child with 90% accuracy.
 Name the factors that are responsible for creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.
 Describe the trainees’ levels of behavior.
 Describe the different types of trainees’ personalities
 Understand how to train groups with different needs.
 Review the steps taken the day the training is set to begin.
 Learn a process that helps the presenter sell his presentation to his trainees.
 Learn 19 ways to keep the trainees interested in the presentation.
 Enhance the presentation with various visual aids.
 Learn how to give feedback and avoid pitfalls while doing that.
 Know the tricks of the trade and give examples to demonstrate that knowledge.
 Learn how to improve the training process.

L.I.F.E: Living Independently Functioning Effectively “empowering you to put all the pieces together”
This workshop provides an overview on L.I.F.E. program that teaches children with learning difficulties how to live independently and function effectively.

 Learning disabilities defined
 Types of learning disabilities – Definition, symptoms and challenges: Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ELD, Asperger’s
 A Profile of Statistics about Disabilities in Saudi Arabia
 Statistics and information about qualifications of educators in the GCC Region
 History of Gain Contact Group
 The GAIN Contact Piece of the Puzzle – The Project LIFE PROGRAM:

  1. Personal / Social Skills
  2. Life Skills / Daily Living Skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Occupational Skills
  6. Academic Skills
  7. Other Areas addressed by the PROJECT LIFE Program
  8. Conclusion – putting the pieces together
College Students

Want to Study in the US? Gain the Knowledge and Prepare for Success
This workshop targets parents and students who are contemplating to pursue higher education in the US or Canada. It explains the goals of study abroad experience as cited by parents. It provides an overview of the values of American education and the culture that dominates US or Canadian educational institutions. It equips parents with information about the soft skills that college-bound students need to succeed in their academic career. It also provides step-by-step instruction on the process of college admissions in the US and Canada. Finally, it emphasizes the concept of good beginnings ensure good endings and launches the students and their parents on the journey with a positive attitude.

College Boot Camps: Get Equipped to Study in the US
This is a 3-day College Prep Boot camp for students who wish to study in the U.S. The purpose of this boot camp is to provide international students with the information they need to help them pursue an education in the U.S. The Boot camp will provide students
with the knowledge they need to succeed and avoid the pitfalls that are common for international students. The following topics will be covered:
 What does it mean to be an international student? The benefits of new experiences and better opportunities as well as the common challenges posed by being immersed in a different culture.
 What does it take to study in the U.S? The steps needed to become a college student in the United States: Applications, Visas, General Admission Requirements, Undergraduate Admissions Exams (SATs, ACTs, TOEFL), Graduate Admissions Exams (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL), English language proficiency (preparing for the TOEFL, E.S.L classes), Career Counseling to identify the right major of study, and choosing the right educational institution.
Our Motto: Knowledge is Power: Gain the knowledge, Prepare for Success, and Achieveit!

Have You Chosen Your Major Field of Study Yet?
In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing global economy, loyalty to a company – or to an employee for that matter – is unheard of.  Add to this the fact that entry level jobs are no longer for the recent graduates and young people, but more and more often fall to the more seasoned job –changers, it is not surprising that colleges have taken to preparing their graduates to excel in the job market with classes on career development. This workshop will help you acquire the following skills:

 Have a clear understanding of yourself, aptitudes, abilities, interests, resources, limitations, and other qualities.
 Obtain knowledge about the requirements and conditions of success, advantages, disadvantages, compensations, opportunities, and prospects in different lines of work. 
 Select an occupation from the data you have accumulated about yourself and about your environment.
 Take a career Assessment online.
 Understand the relationship between your personality type and career choice.
 Understand the relationship between your personality type and learning style.
 Explore your career choice by gender and job outlook.


Teaching Your Child Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
This course is designed to equip parents with the knowledge and tools that will aid them in fostering emotional intelligence and resilience in children.  The central theme of this course is for parents to develop a better understanding of what emotional intelligence and resilience is and acquire the parenting skills that will help their children understand, manage and cope with their emotions effectively.
 Parents will be able to understand emotional intelligence, its importance, and how it differs from other types of intelligence.
 Parents will understand how emotional intelligence manifests itself and develops in children and youth (teenagers).
 Parents will acquire an understanding of how children can develop a healthy level of emotional intelligence.
 Parents will learn about effective ways they can teach children to understand and gain awareness of their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
 Parents will understand the role parents, care takers, and teachers play in fostering emotional intelligence and resilience in children.
 Parents will learn specific parenting techniques and skills that promote emotional health and intelligence in children.
 Parents will learn how to promote a healthy level of social-emotional development in children.
 Parents will understand the ingredients that will help children develop resilience through difficult struggles and experiences.
 Parents will gain the tools they need to help children discover their inner strengths and their abilities to regulate and cope with their emotions.
 Parents will learn about the resources they can utilize to promote a healthy level of emotional intelligence and resilience in their children.

Positive Parenting 1, 2, 3
This program will provide you with three steps for effective parenting. Each of the three steps is distinct, manageable and extremely important and at the same time mutually interdependent. It involves controlling obnoxious behavior, encouraging good behavior and maintaining healthy relationships with your children.

At the completion of the program you will learn Effective Discipline for Children Ages 2-12:
 How to avoid the two biggest discipline mistakes
 How to get your kids to STOP doing what you don’t want them to do (arguing, whining, tantrums, sibling rivalry, etc.)
 How to encourage your kids to START doing what you want them to do
 How to avoid the Talk-Persuade-Argue-Yell-Hit Syndrome
 How to handle misbehavior in public
 How to deal with the Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation
 How to deal with more serious offenses
 How to encourage children using 7 Start-Behavior Tactics
 How to win homework battles and avoid nightly wars.
 How to deal with bedtime and night-time waking
 How to be a benevolent dictator at home
 How to get started: The kickoff Conversation.

L.I.F.E. – A Comprehensive Course for Parents with Children who have Learning Disabilities
Our Living Independently Functioning Effectively (L.I.F.E.) workshop is created as the first step to overcoming the stigma attached to learning and social disorders. Although there is no cure for such maladies, through education and community involvement and support, a new level of acceptance can be found. Learning the appropriate communication skills, problem solving skills, and relationship building skills needed to interact with a child of special needs is an enlightening process that is sure to bridge the gap and create a successful environment for your child. This course is designed to provide parents the knowledge and tools they need to understand learning disabilities and how they affect the lives of their children. The central theme of this course is for parents to develop an improved awareness and understanding of how to effectively parent a child who has a learning disability, in order to promote their stability, emotional health, and life success.

Course Objectives:
 Parents will be able to gain an understanding of what a learning disability is, the signs that indicate a learning disability is present, and the various types of learning disabilities that exist today.
 Parents will acquire an understanding of how a learning disability affects their child’s social, personal, and educational life.
 Parents will learn about how they can get the proper support to effectively evaluate their child as well as help him or her live functionally with his or her learning disability.
 Parents will learn how to effectively communicate to their child that he or she has a learning disability
 Parents will learn the tools to promote the life success of their children with learning disabilities.
 Parents will gain a better understanding on how to effectively view and interact with their child who has a learning disability.
 Parents will gain the skills they need to help them effectively cope and manage a life as the parent of a child with learning disabilities.
 Parents will learn how to help their children who have learning disabilities overcome the challenges that come with transitioning into adolescence.
 Parents will gain the knowledge and tools to help promote their child’s emotional well being.
 Parents will gain insight as to the resources available to them as parents of children with learning disabilities.

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