I have always preferred realistic movies over science fiction ones. I remember feeling a little disappointed when I watched the movie “Contagion” two years ago especially that it featured some of my favorite actors. The question I asked myself  then was : “Why did Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow agree to take part of this movie?” The story was about a virus that spread at an unbelievable pace across nations. Doctors and biologists around the globe were incapable of solving the mystery of this enemy and as a consequence many people died. 

Since February 23rd, when the first case of Corona virus was detected in Bahrain, I started to feel like I was living in a science fiction movie and, to be honest, it is a scary movie. People are requested to limit their outings, schools and businesses are shut, streets are empty, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and firefighters are overwhelmed with the number of patients in the hospitals. Simply put,  our world is haunted by this disease. Not only are people affected physically, but they are also affected mentally and emotionally. Stress, fear, uncertainty, lack of structure, and lack of routines are all factors that might impact our moods. Kids might be more vulnerable than adults in these hard times; that is why as parents, mentors, and caregivers, it is very important to effectively help them navigate through this pandemic successfully. The best way to do this is to fill their day with tasks and creative activities. In fact, people in the field have been suggesting that kids’ days should be highly structured so that it does not allow their brains to be overwhelmed with what happens outside. For example, participating in online classes will help satisfy their natural need for learning. Hands on activities will nourish their creativity and help them develop their executive functions and critical thinking.

Online classes can be very demanding especially if parents are working from home, lack technology skills, or simply are not used to this kind of learning modality; therefore at Gain Contact Bahrain we put together a team of teachers who are ready to help students succeed in this new learning experience. We help students learn new lessons, explain abstract concepts, and assist them in completing their homework. For more information on our online services, therapies  and tutoring, follow our Instagram page “Gainbahrain” and Facebook page “ Gain Bahrain” , visit our website : www.gaicontact.bh , or call us at these numbers : +973 34 104252 or +973 66376350. We can also be reached via emails at manager@gaincontact.com or bahrainoffice@gaincontact.com

Stay safe everyone !