One of the greatest lessons my students taught me is the power of conscious connection. In our everyday lives, connecting and associating with our surroundings, from people to inanimate items, happens almost organically without much effort. With special needs children, the process
is not as natural.
With learning difficulties students, connecting is real effort. It requires attentiveness, strategies, plans, side plans and endless resources. The more I connect to them, the more it becomes a life-changing experience. I started to plan my words, speak with more consciousness and be creative on how to get a message across. The norm is now paying closer attention to their body language, watching their tone of voice and deciphering the unsaid. Due to that effort, I have better listening and speaking skills. In order for real connection to happen, it is essential to hear, understand, validate and reciprocate. This is truly the greatest lesson I learned. A conscious life more than a passing one. I encourage you to make every connection counts.