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At Explain Wiz, We aim to help people of all walks of life to find useful guidance and howto and save some money by using the periodic discounts offered on our site.Explain Wizhttps://explainwiz.com


“Let your hopes not your hurts shape your future” Robert. H. Schuller This year has its big share of challenges and for long time will be engraved in our memories. Yet, despite the challenges we faced in the year 2020, we remain hopeful. Hopeful that this pandemic...


Being able to open our eyes in the morning and watch the sunrise, or sip that first drop of coffee, or even better sniff our kids while they are sleeping, are all signs of blessings. We all know that the year 2020 has its own fair share of drama and catastrophic...


When I was younger, I wanted to become older, more mature and understand what adults in my life were saying. I disliked being ignorant and being left out of conversations. I dreaded hearing the phrase “When you’re older, you’d understand”. At that time, my childhood...