Gain Contact Bahrain provides a number of workshops that develop teacher’s professional skills and equip them with strategies based on best-practice.

Professional Development
These may be offered on-site and are planned around the specific school’s staff training needs. They may also be offered off-site at our learning center with a focus on important topics in the field of special education. They cater to the general public as well as teachers referred by the different schools in Bahrain.

Personal Development
Parents are also given special attention since they represent the foundation to their children’s advancement along their educational path. Our services aim at supporting parents through providing them with counseling and support services or psycho-educational training classes to insure their active involvement in their children’s progress.

Regular psycho-education workshops that highlight specific topics on Learning Disabilities are offered to help parents understand what their children are dealing with. The aim is to equip them with strategies to help their children achieve their best potential.

Parents’ support groups are also organized to be held at the learning center. These groups are provided as a complimentary value added service to parents who bring their children for services at our learning center.

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