Educational Consultation

How can educational consultation contribute to better education?

To be successful at providing quality consultation services to the private educational sector, we recognize that parents and community members overwhelmingly agree that they want the best teacher possible in every classroom. Professional development is therefore the most effective strategy schools can adopt to meet this expectation. Research further confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching.

Gain Contact offers consultation services to schools who may be interested in providing individualized services for their special student population. It encompasses six school-day site visits per academic year where teachers are trained to work with identified special education students. Consultation services are offered to those schools interested in setting up Child Study Teams to enable teachers to implement needed interventions, and monitor their students’ progress. These students are followed up during the academic year through ongoing consultation to address their learning needs. Staff is provided with specific strategies that help them address class management issues, behavioral issues and academic deficits.

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