College Counseling Services

What is college counseling?

College counseling is the whole beginning-to-end process that involves helping high school and college-bound students gain admission into a college/university of their choice. It comprises of a systematic process that leads to identifying strengths and interests through completing career interest inventories; it also devises a strategic plan that helps students discover their potential major field of study and the optimal academic institution that matches their personality profile and academic background. Click here for more information.

Gain Contact Bahrain assists students with their educational placement at universities in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Through the use of multiple questionnaires in addition to live and/or virtual Skype sessions, educational counselors guide high school students through the many structured steps that comprise the educational placement process. Our job is completed once students have received acceptance into a college of their choice and attained the visa required for their study abroad. While we cannot guarantee college acceptance or student visa, we pride ourselves in having a high success rate with matching students to colleges or academic programs of their choice. Click here for more information.

What is College Boot Camp?

Twice during the academic year, we conduct college boot camps at Gain Contact Bahrain that focus on topics of interest to students and parents who want to learn about the college placement process. We tackle a variety of topics such as: what makes an ideal college for me, steps and timeline of the college admission process, how to deal with home sickness and adjustment to my new environment, what are the do’s and the don’ts of campus life, what to expect during a campus visit, and how to distinguish myself as an attractive applicant. These planned college boot camps aim at educating parents and students about the many facets of the college admission process along with the pitfalls and challenges of campus life.

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