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Gain Contact Group-Bahrain is a foreign branch office of our U.S.-based company in Rutherford, NJ.  It was established on June 1, 2014 as a marketing arm for Gain Contact Group for our US-based programs and services.  On October 1, 2015, Gain Contact Group Bahrain kicked off its operations through the inaugural opening of its Center as an educational organization providing programs and services that cater to the people in the Gulf region and more specifically in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

GCG- Bahrain provides a full suite of educational offerings to the Saudi Arabian and Bahraini market including:

  • Educational assessment solutions, academic tutoring, homework help, center-based instruction for special education students, and learning support services to meet the needs of private school students attending Grades 1 through 12.
  • Professional development consultation services catering to teachers and administrators in private school settings.
  • Educational and behavioral support programs for Gain parents.
  • College counseling solutions, career assessment services, English Language Instruction and College Test Prep solutions for Young Adult male and female students interested in pursuing their post secondary education overseas.

Gain Contact Group USA has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) since 2015.  Accreditation is the process by which groups of educational institutions and practitioners identify those institutions that meet or exceed commonly accepted standards of educational quality.  In a nutshell, accreditation certifies Gain Contact Group’s competency and credibility when it comes to tutoring programs.

Our goal is to become the number one educational support for students, parents, teachers and administrators in Bahrain.  We focus on helping students overcome the educational hurdles that impact their learning, and acquiring social skills training to improve their functioning.  We assist those students who aspire to pursue their college education overseas to prepare for college admissions tests and explore their major field of study through a systematic college counseling process that not only helps them identify their optimal major field of study but also match their career choices with the occupational outlook and career development opportunities.

Support Staff

Gain Contact Group emphasizes market segmentation, competitive positioning, messaging and value delivery as a key competitive advantage and in so doing is committed to the company’s mission, brand affluence and service delivery. Its team consists of:


Sameer El Minshawi
Branch Manager

Responsible for building awareness for Gain Contact Group- Bahrain, Sameer utilizes local outreach and marketing efforts to promote programs and services with individuals and organizations in Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Equipped with a high diploma in Special Education Learning Difficulties, Sameer is focused on steering the direction of GCG – Bahrain programs and services including educational / psychological assessments, academic tutoring, online educational programs, professional development workshops, and parent educational programs.

Nora, Ed.D
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Oversees the overall strategy of Gain Contact Group including the identification of areas that impact current and future business growth, as well as the definition of gaps and acquisition opportunities for all business-relevant pursuits including proficiency of knowledge, as well as research diffusion and codification. Nora’s background and professional experience complement Gain contact’s holistic approach to linking lifestyles and learning. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in the field of human development and psychology, Nora also provides skills training and workforce development to promote individual growth and effect organizational transformation in global corporations.

Nora earned her doctorate and master’s degree in psychology at Columbia University and also holds a master’s degree in Education as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.

Ghada Almarhoon
Office Coordinator

Ghada works with stakeholders and clients to deliver customized customer service solutions, and facilitate the Gain Contact Bahrain Center’s operations as a right arm to the Branch Manager. This includes assuming a leading role in the organization and problem-solving issues as they arise on a daily basis. This position provides key assistance and record keeping within all administrative and financial areas. Ghada holds a BS in Accounting and Finance. Acting in her capacity as Office Coordinator, she ensures participation and positive engagement with the Center’s leadership, clients and students.

Support Team

Mahfoodah Mohamed
Learning Support Specialist

Mahfooda applies techniques of literary and linguistic analysis and implements proper use of the language. Through an individualized needs assessment, she develops a personalized teaching plan to help her students develop a better connection with their learning environment while using targeted and effective teaching strategies.

Amina Sabah Alshajjar
Learning Support Specialist

Amina works with students with a diverse range of learning difficulties. Assisted by a supportive team and adhering to a set procedure, Amina’s role focuses on teaching, while managing and curtailing behavioral issues. Amina holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Translation from the University of Bahrain. When she is not teaching, Amina enjoys volunteering in her community. She fund raises for underprivileged families and those in need of medical treatment, while spearheading awareness about cancer and personal fulfillment.

Eman Jassim Tammam
Occupational Therapist
Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from Queen Margaret University College – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Eman is the first Bahraini Occupational Therapist in Bahrain. With eighteen years of experience working at Salmaniya Medical Complex. Attending to in and out patient groups which include upper extremity functions, injuries and deformities, burns, hand congenital deformities, rheumatology, lymphedema and neurological conditions. All cases include the adults and paediatrics populations.

Eman is the first to get the certification to establish the pressure garment service and compression therapy in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Serving all Burn cases and Lymphedema; by fabricating custom made scar management garments and measurement taking for world known companies such as Bio-Concepts, USA, JOBST, Mediven, Germany and Cizeta. Italy. In addition customized hand splints are a strong skill that continually proves my competency which I established in the occupational therapy unit at SMC.

She is also one of the first Bahraini professionals to get world recognized certification at Földi Lymphedema Clinic, Germany as a certified lymphedema therapist.

She is a member of Bahrain Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled assisting with seating and assistive devices consultation and any OT related help. Also a member of the Cerebral Palsy Friendship Society.

Zeina Mikati
Recreational Therapist

Zeina has been with Gain Contact Bahrain since it was established in 2016. She helps and supports special needs kids in their physical activities and lives by the credo that each student is a champ when put on the right path. Zeina has a certificate as a Sports Coach and took extensive training courses including Biomechanics of the body and how to train a champ.

Zeina holds a Political Science degree from Lebanese American University. Her sports journey began at age 13 when she joined Shotokan Karate and persisted until age 26, during which she proved herself as a Karate champion in both Kata ( imaginary fight ) and Kumite (fighting). For many years, Zeina was a Lebanese champion in both forms of the fight and won 3 bronze medals in Arab championship including two for individual Kata and Kumite and one in team Kata. Zeina’s accolades include participation in one World Championship where she finished in 3rd place. Currently, she has 3 Dan black belt and is a Kata and Kumite Judge with the Bahraini National Team. Zeina is one of the pioneers of the Saudi Female Fencing National Team and recently earned her certificate as Fencing Coach. Zeina won 2 bronze medals in Team Fencing in the women’s competition.

Arjumand Ashar, MSc, ADCP, MBPsS
Clinical Psychologist

Arjumand is inspired by the clinical way of visualizing things based upon theoretical and practical knowledge.


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