Academic Support

What is the value of Academic Support?

Academic Support at our afterschool program aims at supporting families and engaging students in reinforcing their school day learning or addressing the gaps in their academic subjects.  It also promotes continuous learning during their weeks of school vacation and the summer months.

Our fun and multifaceted learning Center in Bahrain promotes pride in student achievement. Students enrolled in grades 1 through 12 can select from a number of sessions including remedial, special education, homework help, and/or online education.  Bundled sessions are available.  For example, your child can work with his/her tutor one-on-one while participating in group homework help sessions.

Remedial Sessions:  Skilled educators that love working with children strive to close the learning gaps.  We provide a comfortable and child-friendly space with an emphasis on a strength-based philosophy.  The best learning experience we provide results from encouraging a child’s natural curiosity and building on their skills and interests. At Gain Contact Bahrain, children have access to a safe and welcoming environment that children and parents want to return to day after day, year after year. They have access to valuable educational resources, including a library, computer labs, gym classes, and more.  Regular follow-up with both parents and teachers is provided on an as needed basis.


With a strong emphasis on social-emotional development, children at Gain Contact Bahrain learn to set and achieve goals, recognize and manage their emotions, appreciate the perspective of others, maintain positive relationships, and develop essential problem-solving skills. With a full-time manager experienced in special education, help is available as needed; no other afterschool and summer program in the area can provide a similar focus on both social-emotional and academic learning that fosters development of the whole child.

Homework help is provided daily at the Center to students who need additional academic support to do well in their school academic subjects including math, reading, science, and history. They receive assistance with concepts and skills that continue to be a source of difficulty for them. These small group sessions are led by a tutor who provides coaching and learning support.  Additional one-on-one tutoring sessions are provided to those students who need extra help.

Home Schooling is offered to students who are presently enrolled in grade 1 through 12 but are not able to learn in a regular classroom environment due to the severity of their learning challenges or a variety of emotional/behavioral management issues. These students are typically not served by their current formal school environment due to cumulative gaps in their educational experience; they may not have yet developed the study skills necessary to succeed in school; or they may be experiencing social/emotional difficulties that impede their ability to learn.  They are in need of one-on-one academic intervention before they are mainstreamed back into a regular school environment.

With the help of an online US-based curriculum coupled with an offline academic support, we build an optimal learning engagement for the students, enhance their love for life-long education, and teach them the skills necessary to perform well academically. We cater to each student’s learning needs by matching them to an academic program and Learning Support Coach.  With the help of an individualized educational plan (IEP) and components of resource room functions outside of the school setting, we support their learning, provide them with ongoing feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, and implement the necessary strategies for improving their learning potential.

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