First, let me start by thanking Gain Contact for letting me be part of this journey in my life.  It’s quite interesting how much I have learned from this cozy family atmosphere.  When I first started working at Gain Contact, I didn’t have much knowledge about Autism overall.  What is autism?  And how do kids behave with such a diagnosis?  How do they think?!

A lot of questions were in my mind until I became part of their life.  Seeing them everyday.  Talking to me everyday before the class started, telling me about their day in school and how they have spent it.  Watching them studying and the struggles they face to express themselves and to explain what they feel.  Kids who tell you exactly and purely what is in their mind right now.

Kids who believe somehow the world has put them aside and they are not included in the world’s plan.

On this day, I cheer for every autistic child who is facing this world aline and who has made it this long.  I cheer for every child who develops and participates to give another meaning for love and empathy in this world.