This is an experience that taught me how to be patient, understanding, thoughtful and most importantly how to let go.  Working with special needs children changed the way. connect to the world and mainly to the people around me.  I learned how to soften my hand and extend it and in return receive a generous amount of knowledge, new perspectives and connection.

I had to unlearn everything and study each student in a different light that is uniquely their own.  I learned that need to first appreciate the individuality of each that I could then pair with them and create a sense of comfort.  To ASD, you’re just present.  You are not the past nor the future, you are what they see at that moment.  This drives you t be genuine, because they will leave with the last image of you.  Everyday you are treated with novelty.  This taught me the power of letting go and beginnings.

I have faith that each day is a chance to be brighter than yesterday. I practice this new approach of connection through each encounter with those around me. I pursue myself to let go of grudges, past resentments, unfruitful conversations and use each moment to connect to others through genuineness, compassion and with the awareness that a we all want to be seen, cared for and loved. I believe this evident change in my character taught me the beauty of growing up.