Human Rights Day is an international event that is celebrated across the world on December 10. It is a great opportunity not only to shed light on the importance of education but also to stress everyone’s right to have access to it. Education shall be directed to fully develop our personalities and nurture our brains.
People with special needs are not exempted from this right. They should benefit from tailored educational programs that meet their needs. Therefore, parents, mentors, and guardians of people with special needs should help them access education. Educating people with special needs and learning challenges will definitely make them feel loved, cared for, and accepted in this world. It will also make them more confident in their abilities to confront the intolerance around them by teaching them life and literacy skills. Having a disability whether it is physical or mental should not represent an obstacle to stop them from dreaming and from conquering the world. Both children and adults should be given every and each possible opportunity to learn without being subject to prejudice, hatred, and discrimination.