Autism or autism spectrum disorder is “A Whole New World” that dazzles brains by the characteristics featured in autistic cases.  Children diagnosed with a neurodevelopment disorder face different challenges; academic, social, communication, behavior and more.  Perhaps, these features are what strike me the most as a teacher for autistic kids and I find myself lucky to have the opportunity to dive deeper into this ocean to meet and deal with angelic souls. I admit that it is not an easy job to handle as it has its ups and downs but the moment they surprise me with their intelligence I forget all the disappointment I have because as I said, it makes me focus just on their angelic souls more than the difficulties we go through.
There is a quote that says “To teach is to learn twice” and that is exactly what I am experiencing as I am learning to look at things differently and I have discovered that life has more than one angle, an angle that only autistic children can show you the beauty of.  They taught me that black does not have to represent sadness.  On the contrary it might indicate happiness.  They taught me that I don’t have to get full mark in all my tests but what matters is that what I learn will accompany me all the time.  They taught me that communication with others can’t only be through words, eye-contact or a cell phone; it can simply be through a paper craft. Last but not least, they taught me to be more open-minded and more human to others.
To sum up, perseverance pays off.  Despite what the world might think of their potential, everyone has to put in mind that autism is only DIFFERENT BUT NOT LESS.