I was helping my niece, a first grader, with her homework when I took notice of her learning difficulties.  I started to think that this may be due to her premature birth which may have caused some delay in brain development.  Unaware of her challenges and like many parents and some teachers, they thought she may be an academically weak student but never imagined to question other reasons behind her struggles in school.  Fortunately, because I am exposed to this population through my work, my observation has helped place her in an early intervention program overseen by doctors and specialists.

It was then that I felt really appreciative of my work as a Learning Coach for special needs students at Gain Contact Bahrain. For me, working day in and day out with special needs children is full of challenges and rewards.  Most importantly, the humanitarian impact my personal contributions have made awe and humble me all at once, particularly when witnessing the positive changes in both parents and kids lives. Everyday, I notice these kids improve in executive functioning and becoming less dependent on adults in their lives. Each time I observe them, it warms my heart and makes me feel proud of the role I play in their lives, therefore enriching my overall personal and professional experience.  This positive feeling works as the driving force that encourages me to give more.  While I can certainly attest that at times it is a very challenging job, the value-added impact to my community evident through quantifiable results that maximize children’s innate potential, make the task easier and more rewarding.

When I work with these children, I remind myself daily that compassion, patience and belief that every child has a hidden untapped potential is all what these kids need.  In my special way, I am an influencer and a great teacher in my society.