1. High spirit teacher.
There are many factors affect the performance of students; a successful school combines good building, furniture, materials, playground all these are important but vastly and above these what is more important, is the spirit of the teacher. It is the spirit of a teacher that governs the students whose heart is in the work and who knows the importance of teaching and who knows that it has to be done in dignity. If all these features are combined in a person, they will definitely draw student’s full attention.
2. Teaching methods.
“If students cannot learn the way we teach, teach the way they learn.” It is not easy to deliver a lesson to a special needs kid without facing daily challenges and an experienced teacher knows the importance of using different teaching methods to pave the path for the student to smoothly receive information taught but just like the quote states the student’s skills and ability should be taken into consideration by the choice of a method a teacher will choose to deliver a lesson.
3. Thematic instruction
This method of teaching has been shown to be very effective in special education classroom. A “theme” could be anything from a current event, honing the skill of reading comprehension, a writing topic or an international event. For example, an international event could be tied into all other topics. The theme should be attention-getting — something that will grab the students’ interest and keep them engaged.
4. Provide books and materials for special needs.
A teacher knows exactly what it means to coach a special needs kid. It takes double the time a normal kid might take to understand and to grasp a simple idea. Therefore, supporting special needs with materials match their potentials and abilities make both; the teacher and the student feel and perform better.
5. High expectation
high expectations is a reliable driver of high student achievement, even in students who do not have a history of successful achievement. However, with special education it is not always working. Sometimes when you think that the lesson is simple and easy for a special needs kid but in fact it is not it makes you feel frustrated which will negatively impact the way you talk to the student like he/she is does not want to learn which in fact your high level of expectations is the problem.